Founded in 1976 as a joint venture between Exxon Enterprises and Hulco, Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) has been a leading silicon carbide manufacturer for 40 years. Their philosophy of constant product innovation has facilitated the enhancement of materials used in a number of different applications.

ACM manufacture silicon carbide powders with the characteristic whisker/rod morphology. They also offer cost effective blends of whiskers and irregular shaped particles. These materials are offered in various different particle size distributions and with a selection of reactive surface functionalities where desirable. Stable silicon carbide dispersions can be particularly difficult to make. ACM have solved this problem for you by offering a range of pre-dispersed silicon carbide grades as well. ACM market these products under the well-known brand names of SI-TUFF, SILAR and CERAMTUFF. These names are synonymous with quality, commercially competitive materials.